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Making Children Count @The Best You Legacy Club London | British Summer Party

On July 4th, at the Legacy Club London meeting we are preparing something special, and we invite everyone interested in networking, hearing an amazing speaker and the cause he is representing, learning new business skills from our founder, Bernardo Moya, and why not – play a game of giant Jenga over a glass of Pimms, strawberries and cream… 🙂


The Youth Program

The Legacy Club is developing new programs that reflect the three levels at which you evolve your legacy through your lifetime – personal, interpersonal, and community.

This month, we will focus on the interpersonal aspect, that explores our connections with others and, in particular, encourages closer relationships between generations. How can we grow up and grow old with meaning and dignity?

Children are at the heart of our community, and this month we focus on them as part of our Youth program, along with our speaker, Duncan Ross, CEO and Co-Founder of Street Invest – an International Development NGO that promotes the vision of putting a trustworthy adult into the life of every street-connected child.

Research shows children need 4-6 involved, mature adults to fully develop emotionally and socially; unfortunately, many children today live on the streets, disconnected from emotional support and proper education.

“For tens of millions of children around the world, the ‘street’ is a huge part of their lives. It could be their home, their workplace, or even their playground.

These children routinely experience sexual and physical abuse, are cast out from their communities and are denied the right to education, basic care, and a voice.

StreetInvest are fighting to reduce the abuse and discrimination that street-connected children suffer, and are helping them to develop and fulfil their potential.”

… and we invite you to be part of this CHANGE.


British Summer Party

We meet on Thursday, July 4th, at the Holiday Inn Kensington – Balmoral Suite, and if the weather is kind to us, we will enjoy it in a peaceful private outdoor garden.

Ticket prices are $30 for members, and $35 for non-members, which is fully refundable upon signing up for membership, and includes:

  • a glass of Pimms
  • selection of summer canapes with strawberries and cream to finish
  • English bunting and giant Jenga – because we might as well be children ourselves again for the day 🙂

We hope to see you there.

The Best You Team