About Meeting

We are so excited to have opened The Best You Legacy Club Calabasas, Westlake Village!

Every month at Los Robles Greens we meet again and I would love to see you there!!

The Best You Legacy Club is a place where like-minded, heart-centered people, who are passionate about making a difference meet. There are 730 hours in an average month, we schedule only 2.5 hours out of each month to connect, network, learn, support, encourage, expand, disconnect from outside distractions, talk legacy and being the best you. We accomplish a lot in 2.5 hours and have fun doing it.

This is a whole new take on business connections, personal development and talking legacy.

I am hosting one Legacy Club meeting per month as well as a few other special events throughout the year.

This is your opportunity to come along and find out what it is all about, hear a great speaker, meet some new people, and enjoy a nice lunch which is included in the registration fee.

Sounds good? Please register and we look forward to seeing you there!