About Meeting

The Best You Legacy Club is in the business of helping people achieve their dreams. We care, we listen
and provide our members with skills, tools, knowledge, wisdom, and experts to enhance their lives and
achieve their full potential. Our pillars of success, Training and Development, Networking, Relationships,
and Legacy. When we work together, we encourage, support, grow, improve lives and find our true
purpose. We host events around the world, we brainstorm with like-minded people that want to
contribute, help, share and make a difference.

Bernardo Moya, CEO: “We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and
make the world a better place…”

Laura Butler, Director: “We get out of relationships what we put in, it is our duty to inspire, support,
care and lead well”

Target Audience
Business Leaders & Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Scientists, Creatives, Authors, Speakers,
Educators, Philanthropists, and Career-Focused Individuals. All purpose-driven leaders who are
committed to becoming the best versions of themselves and using their lives to help create a better
world are invited. Excellent networking opportunity!

Together we can accomplish more and contribute to a strong and powerful Legacy.

Register for only $10/person. First 20 registered and welcome at no cost!

Maryum Martin (214) 514-3545 <maryummartin@yahoo.com>
Laura Butler (469) 427-2007 <fusionconsultingltd@gmail.com> www.fusionconsultingja.com