About Ursula Garrett

Ursula Garrett is the principal of Garrett & Associates, CPA. Ursula is a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Accounting.
She has been a practice accountant for over 20 years and specialises in small business consulting with a special emphasis for female entrepreneurs.

The Plateau To Summit platform was designed by Ursula specifically to guide entrepreneurs in pursuit of the ultimate business. Ursula has broad experience over the past twenty years in small business development based on her community involvement and entrepreneurial ventures. Her diverse background, professional certifications and uncommon ability to listen and understand what is really the obstacle, provides her clients the opportunity to tap into her experience, overcome barriers, adopt transforming strategies while effectively and efficiently achieving more of what they value sooner.

Ursula’s teaching for local community colleges illustrates her ability to communicate difficult concepts in easy to understand language.