About Saira Jawaid

She is half Arab half Pakistani. Married for six years and living in Karachi with her husband.
Her mother’s side of the family are from Dubai, where she has extensive support and structure.
Saira Jawaid is a Manufacturer and Interior designer for over 12 years. Along side being part of her family business which is construction, property, land, rental and sales.
After several near-death experiences and a successful kidney transplant, she decided to retire early but continues with her passions.
She volunteers at one of the largest Kidney Transplant Institutes in the world SIUT where she is a motivational speaker, after her public speaking phobia cure in 2018.
She started a journey of learning and is a Practitioner and Master Practitioner with the best Co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen La Valle.
She is also a Master Practitioner second time around , Certified Hypnosis trainers training, Life Coach Certification Training, Jose silva ultra mind with the First Institute  of Dynamic Learning certified by the Society of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.


“I invite you to The Best You Legacy Club™️ in Dubai to embrace this journey with your skills and unleash your resources by turning your insights into a reality. Let’s speak about any topics you are passionate about where we can create a platform to do so as a family and a team”