About Marina Roberts

Marina Roberts is a Speaking Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and a Small Business Consultant. She runs group sessions, workshops, tutorials and one-to-one or group coaching programs.

Public speaking is a special interest for Marina. Having experienced extreme difficulties of speaking in front of a group of people in the past, to the point of not being able to speak during lessons at school for a number of years, Marina managed to overcome her fears and progress to becoming a certified speaker herself. She discovered simple strategies to conquer the art of speaking in public and is very keen to share them with her clients. Having been trained by The Coaching Academy (UK) Marina puts empowerment as a basis for her work, helping people to find their strengths and build upon them.

Knowing how inability to speak can affect one’s personal and professional life, Marina is on a quest to help young people to shake off any fears and be free to make their voice be heard. She believes that everyone has a message they can share with the world, and that by doing so, together we can make this world a better place.