About Louise Moore

Louise Moore is an International Wellbeing Practitioner and trainer with over 28 years experience of dedicated work in the field of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Louise has many qualifications, but is best known for her own style of advanced clinical hypnotherapy. With a global clientele based from her prestigious Harley Street practice in London, Louise offers individual sessions and workshops and is passionate and committed to helping her clients achieve fast, effective, life changing results.

Louise is also proud to be the founder and director of ‘LifeMatters Training College’ offering a practitioner level Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP Diploma, accredited by the GHSC general hypnotherapy standards council.

Louise’s expert approach has helped everyone from Celebrities, Musicians, Sports personalities to International Business leaders, Families, and Children
Her knowledge and skills in the areas of neuroscience, the subconscious mind, nutrition, breath work and naturopathic healing have helped thousands of people of all ages become healthier and happier as a result.

Louise has extensive experience working with children, adults and families in crisis, she has written a successful parenting programme funded by the UK governments parenting fund, produced several best selling hypnotherapy recordings and has appeared on a Channel 5 TV series ‘The big body squad’. Louise is featured in top magazines on issues to do with hypnotherapy, and speaks at corporate and wellbeing events. She has a wealthy of knowledge to share with her audience, and is delighted to become a Best You legacy Club director for London.