About Hugh McAlinden

After 30 Successful years in Professional Sales and Marketing, I’ve spent the 26 of them studying the Psychology of Sales, Personal Development and the benefits of Hypnosis in fulfilling our full potential in all walks of life. I have come to the conclusion that interacting with a core group of like minded individuals on a regular basis, is essential to living a challenged, fulfilled, harmonious and purposeful life!

During the early 1990’s I learned my Trade as a Sales Professional in Various Rolls form uPVC Windows, Capital Equipment, Garden Supplies, then in 1992 I joined one of Ireland’s biggest fresh food producers at that time, Diary Gold Foods, as a Relief Sales Rep, then rising to become Sales Manager, responsible for our fleet of Van Sales and Business Development In Northern Ireland, were I spent several productive years there.

In 1993 first became aware of The Network Marketing Industry Joining Amway, this was the start of my journey in Personal Development and honing my communication skills, the phenomenal education I got here thought me how to build, direct and develop large sales teams and strengthened my resolve to succeed and fulfil my driving ambition.

Eventually through this education I was able to achieve one of my first ambitions to be self employed, starting in 1998 as the Telecom Market was deregulating in the UK and was able to start a part time business; so by 1999 I was completely self sufficient, being my own boss ever since.

Over the next decade my business interests began to expand, setting up my own telecom company, moving into hospitality, land and property portfolio and much more, while all the time continuing on the journey of personal development and self discovery.
Not everything has been smooth, facing many challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

In 2004 I was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming or (NLP) for short, through Paul McKenna and his Book Change Your Life In 7 Days.

Ever since I’ve wanted to study for my NLP certification with Paul or the co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler, thus I completed with Richard in October 2018, and am now a Certified Practitioner of NLP.

I studied Hypnosis in the early 2000’s, Physiology, Human Thinking along with our Spirituality, I became engrossed by our infinite possibilities.

I have been sharing my learnings and findings with people over the years and now I intend to help as many people that want to live the life that they were born to live.

While training for my NLP Practitioner certificate, I got to spend time with the promoter and owner of NLP Life Training Bernardo Moya, who also runs the Best You Expos and the internationally renowned “Best You Legacy Clubs”, when he shared with me his plans for creating master mind development groups globally. I knew that this was a program I’d love to help facilitate, having been the beneficiary of both mastermind groups and NLP separately, so am now part of this winning combination for people who want to live life to its full potential!