About Evangelia Zouroudi

I am an insightful self-empowerment expert and my life mission is to help people reconnect with their true self.

I have been a leading entrepreneur in the education sector in Greece for the last 25 years. I own and manage two educational institutions as well as an online bookshop.

I started my spiritual journey in 2001 searching for esoteric meaning in my life and in 2011 I entered the world of empowerment coaching and energetic healing. It was in 2016, after a life changing decision that I devoted myself to inspiring others to find their real self. My simple way of connecting with people along with my healing energy and insightfulness, my business background, down to earth communication style and joyful attitude contribute to effectively and pleasantly lead people to become aware of their self-power, to perceive their unconstrained inner knowledge, to validate their emotions, to accept themselves as they truly are and thus experience a transformation in their reality and live according to their life purpose and full potential.

I use some exceptional approaches, such as my own system DoEVI, Cosmoenergy Healing, MVOC (Multi-Verse Omni Codes & 50 Seals), Hypnosis, TLT throughout one-to-one or group sessions, interactive seminars and workshops.