About Dania Irshaidat

My name is Dania, I am Jordanian Canadian, a single mom of two boys, lived through a lot of challenges in my life that made me who I am today…

I finished my BA in Jordan University in physical education, followed by a summer course of marketing and public relations in Concordia Canada and insurance training by a big insurance company in Dubai (Zurich).

I then continued another path of education related to skills’ enhancement, Human Resources, emotional intelligence, women empowerment, weight loss management, mental disorders, anger management, millionaire minds, master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, unleash the infinite power of your mind, human energy management, besides many other online courses.

I joined a youth centre, and engaged in voluntary work with the youth, travelled with them and engaged in some charity work.

I created my ‘gifts baskets for all occasions’ work online in 2010, joined many bazars then stopped due to limited time, but kept it as a hobby.

I am also a partner in our family business Irshaidat & sons and Irshaidat Co for trading and contracting, worked as PR coordinator with them for some time.

After deeply engaging in NLP, and discovering how I have been applying it without knowing about it throughout my life, I decided to learn more and go deeper by specializing in Neuro-linguistic Programming, as it has changed my life. I am now a Master Practitioner of NLP and NLP Coach, also specializing in NLP Presentation Skills, aiming to teach and influence people to better their lives.