About Dania Irshaidat

My name is Dania, I am Jordanian Canadian.
Finished my BA in physical education Jordan University, followed by a summer course of marketing and public relations in Concordia Canada.

Lived in different countries which exposed me to different cultures and different people.
In Dubai I got a full training for an insurance company in finance(marketing,team work, body language, emotional intelligence, Human Resources)
I kept working on the path of self developmentā€™ enhancement, psychology, Human Resources, feng shui, Homeopathy, Emotional Intelligence, Women Empowerment, Weight loss management, Mental Disorders, Anger Management, Millionaire Minds, Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mind Mapping, Unleash the infinite power of your mind, mind spotting, human energy management, medicine, learned about some diseases and how to deal with them( also learned about some medications and how they might affect you), candle making, soap making, besides many certified online courses.

I had an amazing experience joining a youth centre, doing voluntary work , traveling with them. I also helped in some charity work.
Realized that I have a very artistic side in me which led me to open a new; one of a kind at that time, created and crafted gift baskets for all occasions, with delivery. I was the only doing it in Jordan, then kept it as a hobby do to lack of time.

I am also a partner in our family business Irshaidat & sons and Irshaidat Co for trading and contracting, worked as PR coordinator with them for some time.

After deeply engaging in NLP, and discovering how I have been applying it without knowing about it throughout my life, I decided to learn more and go deeper by specializing in Neuro-linguistic Programming, as it has changed my life. I am now a:

  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Licensed NLP Coach/Coach trainer
  • Licensed trainer/ trainers trainer
  • Through the society of NLP the master him self Dr Richard Bandler

My aim is to teach and influence people to better their lives with great energy and love šŸ„°