About Candace Coleman

I believe in squeezing the most out of the life you are given. Translation: Live and kick butt doing it! I achieve this by my love of learning, evolving, helping others, being adventurous, creating, and being mindful of balance.

Considered a serial entrepreneur. I am the Founder of Blüm Beverages, a social, alcohol-free, botanical elixir beverage company. My motivation to create Blüm Beverages, came after an accident that resulted in a 3-month brain injury. During the healing process, I was unable to drink alcohol and quickly learned the non-alcoholic social menu was boring, childish or unappealing. Noticing there was a neglected community, I made beverages to help raise the social bar for the healthy, non-drinker.

Prior to creating Blüm Beverages, I had a successful 19-year career in legal sales. The entrepreneur bug hit me in college and has been woven in throughout my life. Regret is not the feeling I want while rocking in my rocking chair. Solution oriented, I find a way to make my ideas come to life.

  • I developed and moderated for 15 years a Journal Journey Workshop
  • I later wrote a book that encourages children to share their thoughts and feelings with their parents, that becomes a keepsake for life
  • Another company was born, after my daughter had a horrible cold, having invented a product to provide comfort for cold and allergy sufferers

Other bio tidbits. In addition, to working hard and starting companies, I’m a wife and mother to 3 incredible children. My passion in the Health and Wellness industry has lead me to be Certified in Hypnotherapy and Certified as an Essential Oil Coach.

My latest passion is studying mushrooms, many varieties are superfoods and have functional and medicinal properties. None of the latter 3 mentioned are career choices or pursued for income purposes, I just love learning and applying in my life, my family’s and friends’ lives.

I’m looking forward to the Managing Director role, for the Calabasas/ Westlake Village chapter of The Best You, Legacy Club. Let’s write exciting new chapters in our lives!