About Anuppma

Anuppma is a professional psychologist. She is an entrepreneur, Coach, MBTI Consultant & NLP Practioner. In a career span of 20 years, dedicated to behavior science, Life coaching, NLP, leadership programs, she has achieved many heights.  She promotes coaches and an organized way of life through her online spaces.

She is a self-made entrepreneur and a resilient woman. who grew up being herself and refused to fit into “ONE BOX”

In her own words- I noticed the behaviour of people and animals at an earlier age, became more curious about the subject over the years. I kept upgrading myself with every piece written on psychology and became a professional psychologist.

 My life has been a roller coaster ride, It started well, reached & downfall next. I got a life-threatening muscular ailment, which almost sank my heart. The doctor said it was a rare illness, “One in one million maybe!”. I had to come out of that, That word got me hard. “Yes, I want to be one in a million, not in getting a disease, I fought with the disease, 3 relapses and yet here I am.


After birth of my daughter, life started to sail smooth, and soon life strikes again – a broken backbone, with possible risks of impairment for life. I dodged surgery and all the fancy medical terms and healed myself with intent, mind power & meditative breathing. Now I lead a normal life, work, drive, walk, run, swim, play and what not?


My professional journey

Spans for 20 years, delivering 24000 training manhours, 1400 coaching hours, numerous psychometric assessments, MBTI based workshops, Leadership programs, NLP for children with teen and study issues, psychometric assessment for career selection. Empowering people 9-6, solving kid’s issues with NLP was satisfying. Life was good, but normal was boring. Courtesy of my organizing addiction, I built my first website on “organizing” in 2012. Being independent and beating challenges was in my blood.

I got bitten by the entrepreneur bug and left my 9-5. Yet another challenge, I founded a Coaching solutions company 2 years back, and it’s NOT smooth sailing so far.

Besides a Coach, I am a mother to one human baby and a family of cats. They take my attention when I am not Coaching. I am associated with two NGOs in my city who supports children from slums & children of leprosy patients below the poverty line

My recent creative satisfaction is making perfumes. So far made 100+ samples. Embarked on my journey to peace with minimalism. I believe in rising from Ashes, dusting off, shining brighter, and “Live Life Queen Size”. Reaching this far was tough, learning, and evolving I choose. I envisage collaborating with likeminded people, who roll up sleeves to get in action. So here I am associated with THE BEST YOU and I am looking forward to The Managing Director Role for India/ Delhi NCR Chapter, of The Best You Legacy Club. Another journey to CREATE EXTRAORDINARY LEGACY!

Can Extend my support for –

Tapping Personal Power, Life Coaching, Mind and Body healing, Emotional Balance, Organizing for life, Wardrobe mastering,  Psychometric assessments, MBTI, Subconscious mind Programming with NLP, Minimalism