We can connect you with like minded people that can help you grow as an individual &
grow your business. But most importantly find your purpose & leave a legacy

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Individuals become members and directors because they understand the
importance on focusing on the important things, the things that count.

Avoid like many others trying to do it alone,
or be part of a network that doesn’t care…

Once You become a member, join our meetings, you will start becoming purposeful, motivated, conected & driven!

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"Together: We can make a Difference. Leave a Legacy"

"The Best You Legacy Club helps individuals and businesses find their purpose. By building people, we build businesses and help find a meaning to why qe do it. We create events all around the world, we brainstorm."
"This is a little bit of fuel that you need in order to make an impact in someone else's life. We get inspiration in saturated everywhere. Here you're with like-minded communities that will help you to inspire and will conspire to make these dreams into reality."
"I just feel this is the beginning of a revolution."
"The most important thing today is about legacy. It's about thoughtful thinking and the intention of really the mark that we want to leave on the world, the mark we want to leave on others."